Monday, 06 December, 2021

papershop: found magazine the whole idea of finding something and re-contextualising so that it becomes something other than it was fascinates me. i have to admit at one point that i might have seen it all as cheating but that has changed. you get interested in collage, you think about the cut-up technique of william burroughs where, through the collision of two different texts, you find a third. you look at an object that someone else might see as rubbish and you see a piece of art. well, found magazine does this with fragments of people’s lives — those little notes which reveal something deep about someone that were written in a moment of passion or frustration; a photo that turns up in your pictures that does not belong to you. all of these bits of ephemera turn up in found magazine and they paint a picture of humanity that might go unnoticed were there no one there to archive it in this fashion. it seem touching, tender almost; but most of all it seems a very human thing to do. in a culture driven by celebrity it is kind of refreshing to be confronted with something that is unmistakably real.

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