mr lonely — harmony korine’s new film

 mister lonley poster i have enjoyed the work of harmony korine since i first became aware of him with kids which he wrote the script for. gummo was an acquired taste which i loved not just for it’s weirdness but for the resonant emotional core that typifies all his work. next came julien donkey boy — another challenging piece of cinema that engages the viewer in a way that not many films are capable of. i was curious what he was up to now and google delivered — his new film is called mr lonely and it sounds intriguing. here is the blurb from the website:
an audacious and visually playful love story set in the world of celebrity impersonators. a michale jackson impersonator lives alone in paris and performs on the streets to make ends meet. at a show in a retirement home, michael falls for a beautiful marilyn monrie look-alike who suggests he move to a commune of impersonators in the scottish highlands. at the seaside castle Michael discovers everyone is preparing for the commune’s first ever gala – abe lincoln, little red riding hood, the three stooges, the queen, the pope, madonna, buckwheat, sammy davis jr … as well as marilyn’s daughter shirley temple and her possessive husband charlie chaplin. meanwhile a miracle is happening in a latin american jungle … poignant and whimsical in turn, mister lonely shows harmony korine at the top of his game. mister lonely is stunningly shot by cinematographer and prodigy Marcel Zyskind (a mighty heart, code 46, in this world) and features extraordinary performances by samantha morton, diego luna, werner herzog, anita pallenberg and james fox (together for the first time on screen since performance) soundtrack featuring jason spaceman and the sun city girls.  —————- Now playing: Lou Reed – Paranoia Key Of E via FoxyTunes

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