Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

freakangels hits week 3

freakangels so, all us eager bunnies who follow every thing that mr ellis does got our third instalment of freakangels today. in 3 6 page instalments thus far we have been introduced to a lot of ideas and tantalising hints already. the characters are well drawn storywise and the artwork by paul duffield is exquisite. as with a lot of other people i am going to be eagerly awaiting the day that this comes out in a trade paperback. you get your fix for the week and you are already jonesing for the next one. it is a great marketing strategy and also an innovative step into the future that may inspire a shift in emphasis at some comic companies and it is fitting that warren ellis the so-called internet jesus should be involved. you have to salute the ambition, and the product they offering, free of charge, is top notch. —————- Now playing: Aimee Mann – Choice in the Matter via FoxyTunes

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