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Comicsphere: Lazarus Churchyard

Lazarus¬†Churchyard I am not sure if it was listening to the new Nick Cave album that made me think to post this. More likely it is srufing the web waiting for Warren Ellis to get his computer back. Anyway, this was the character which introduced me to the writing and preoccupations of Mr Ellis. I read it in Blast magazine and then, as far as I recall, Blast got axed and Lazarus disappeared (I could look this up on wiki of course because the story has it’s own entry). Anyway — it stuck in my head for a long time; basically until the trade became available and I could fully immerse myself in Lazarus’s fucked up world. It’s all there — things Ellis would revisit through Spider Jerusalem, Desolation Jones and others. It also uniquely it’s own beast. Hmm, I am thinking I need to start writing about someone else — perhaps my Grant Morrison obsession next. Anyway this is what wiki has to say on Lazarus:
“The eponymous central character took part in a “plasborging” experiment in which around eighty per cent of his body was replaced with an intelligent, evolving plastic, which can react in 0.132 of a second to any situation and adapt accordingly. In the story, this adaptation usually takes the form of growing spikes, blades or similar weapons. The plastic also processes toxins of all kinds, essentially making Churchyard immortal. The stories take place 400 years after this experiment. Churchyard is by now tired of his immortality and wants to die. He inhabits a dystopian future in which the United Kingdom has been taken over by the corporation Isis-Elek and renamed Savoy, while large parts of the globe have been rendered uninhabitable by germ warfare.” Go check it out — it’s very cool! —————- Now playing: Gus Gus – Teenage Sensation via FoxyTunes

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