Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

File Sharing

OK, so I muddle through with technological things — why is this? Because I have an aversion to reading instructions … stupid, I know. Were I to take the time and sit there and see what exactly I had to do I might avoid a lot of shit. But in this particular case I thought I had done what etiquette demanded on the site. I added files that people could upload to their computers in the same way that they were allowing me, but then I get someone bitching at me for not having any files available. Now there are ways and there are ways of telling someone they have fucked up — you can be a total cunt about it and give them shit or you might say ‘Are you aware that you have no files to share? This is not good practice and people will not want to share with you.’ That opens a dialogue. I tried to do just that following the attack only to have said whinger set their status to away and ignore me. Excuse me? Community? Man.

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