Wednesday, 10 August, 2022


It is one of those great little add-ons that firefox has which make it so much better than IE. The new IE is better than it used to be, and why? Well, because they ripped off firefox. I would use firefox all the time if I could but there are certain sites which work better with IE, even though you can use a rendering engine to run IE within firefox. Since I started running firefox I have less problems with adware and the like getting through and attacking my computer. All the adware seems to nestle up cosily in the temp files of IE and a lot of seems to come from them. Anyway foxytunes, at the click of a link, allows me to access lyrics, pictures, videos and all other kinds of information about the music that I am playing on my computer. It also allows me to easily put the tunes I am playing into any blog. Why can’t windows be more functional across different platforms instead of trying to force you to shell out for expensive and largely redundant programs? I love foxytunes. —————- Now playing: R.E.M. – Hyena via FoxyTunes

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