Monday, 06 December, 2021

Get A Girl That Makes You Feel Like A Rockstar

this line popped into my head as i sat here thinking how much i miss my girl while she works. yes, i can hear all the tiny violins playing, even over the sound of the groaning. but i have found someone that daily rewires the faulty mess that is my mind and she remakes me into something at least both of us agree is beautiful. to be what you want to be and to have someone share in that is the best feeling. the random scatter splatter of my thoughts is love coloured a hell of a lot nowadays and i am a changed person for that. a changed person for the better. she is a source of new ideas. ideas borne from life not cut from some book and surrounded in those gravestones that most quotation marks are. she is writing something that is going to be amazing. i support her fully and look forward to seeing that book in print. amazing things are going to happen. —————- Now playing: Manic Street Preachers – Enola/Alone via FoxyTunes

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