Monday, 23 May, 2022

The C Word

I sat here waiting for my firefox browser to get its arse in gear and load up and it occurred to me how much I like the word cunt. I think I actually like it more than the word fuck. It is one of the few swear words that still possesses a lot of power and when used as a prelude to sex with the right person it can sound so god damned sexy. I say the word and I instantly think of cunnilingus — my tongue almost tingles with anticipation. My head is leap-frogging around now and I am thinking about a recent passage that I read in Rant by Chuck Palahniuk about oral sex between Rant Casey and the girls of his village. And now my mind, having let the word cunt out of the bag bounces around to all those people whom the word just seems to sum up better than others — that chorus line of ex-employers and untrustworthy friends who proved themselves to be worth nothing but contempt. I say the word and it feels like a celebration and a declaration. Cunt. Hmm. I suppose people might report this post as being offensive but is it? I have friends who believe that there are no bad words and I agree to a degree. It is the intent behind the word that can be bad — it is the person using it that can be bad. —————- Now playing: Pulp – Common People via FoxyTunes

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These discussion always make me think about Lenny Bruce. I think he did the same argument about a different word. I never use the c word, that way it retains its power, the illicit tastes sweeter,


I’ve thought about calling my first volume of poetry ” Contains the Word ‘Cunt’ ” lol.

‘Hate’ is possibly the only bad word; i don’t like how people throw it around without being mindful of its weight and meaning.
I’m still working on a definition of it.

I remember being about 7, walking home from school with a classmate called Sarah; she told me that the worst swear word is ‘Cunt’. It still holds a little shock factor for me because of that conversation, but my step-dad uses it a lot (inanimate objects as well as during road rage and intoxication), and my housemate does too, so it’s gradually becoming as mundane as all the rest.

When a woman uses it to refer to their own vagina, it comes off as kind of an empowering thing to do…within a comfortable relationship, i guess it’s fine for both people to use it.
It still has an edge of woman-hater about it when a man calls a woman it in a gender-based insult (or even ‘compliment’).
Seems to be all about tone and individual’s natures.

I’m glad this provoked some thought from me. Thanks.


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