Sunday, 03 July, 2022

blogosphere: Work Life Balance

What is work life balance? How many people do you know that have achieved it? The only people I know who have an adequate balance tend to have an adequate bank balance as well — your average joe who works every hours god sends to pay off the bills he ran up ten years ago can’t afford to be balanced. I don’t believe that there are many people at all who actually like work. How many people wouldn’t rather be sat at home watching the telly or in the pub having a pint? You get constantly smacked over the head with protestant work ethic and you’re supposed to be happy getting paid shit for subscribing to it. Laziness has some value to it. Although when it comes to writing I like to write all the time, so I’m not lazy there. Perhaps it’s just a case of not loving what you do when it comes to earning a crust but being willing to work all the hours god sends for a passion. The scales that measure life work balance for most people are never going to be a constant thing and it’s not just a question of quantity of time but quality as well. What good is it having a week off if all you can do is sleep because you are so knackered from the overtime you’ve been told they don’t expect you do, but would appreciate it if you did? There are different types of tax to those that the taxman takes and some people only realise they’ve been paying them when they drop down dead at fifty from a heart-attack. —————- Now playing: Morrissey – Hairdresser On Fire via FoxyTunes

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