Sunday, 03 July, 2022



The fact that I would watch Rosario Dawson in most things didn’t serve me well here. I am most way through the first episode, and apart from the name, I don’t get the point of this show even referring to the comic books as source material.

If you aim to change the story to such a drastic degree, why call it by the same name and tie up the rights, which someone who actually understood the books could use to make something that contains the spirit of the books and the characters?

The acting is not bad. The story is pretty generic. I’ll push through it. But it’s a lost opportunity.

People say you have to make peace with what a director wants to do with a piece of work they are adapting.

I say that not every comic needs an adaptation. I’ll watch this and forget it, but the books have stuck with me and will continue to do so.

Something original is better than a broken mirror reflection.

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