Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Television Whitenoise: After Life

Ricky Gervais

I don’t think I was expecting this show from Ricky Gervais. I wasn’t expecting to cry.

Tony and Lisa are such believable characters. I’ve lived through this kind of loss and the aftermath of it.

The weirdness of the small town in which this is set, Tambury, feels very real, and the stories are just the kind of thing that you find in a small local newspaper.

The small moments of truth that shine through in this, and cut right through you, are the moments that display the genius of Ricky Gervais. David Brent’s humanity and his sad struggle to be somebody were what made The Office great. The same is true of this show, and I’ll be honest, I never knew how it would pan out. It isn’t predictable — it feels very organic and very human. I think this is the best thing he has done thus far.

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