Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Looking Forward: Guinan In Picard

Guinan in Picard

Guinan, to me, was always an asset in Star Trek, that was never quite used to her full potential. I loved what she did do and who she was in Next Generation, but I am hoping this will see some epic use of her character in the franchise.

I loved seeing when Patrick Stewart asked Whoopi Goldberg to come back — it was an emotional moment.

To have Whoopi and Patrick acting with each other again raises the bar on a show that I already really love. And Q is back. Guinan and Q have beef, so seeing them square off against each other would be amazing. The third season is already filming, and is set to be the last one, which will bring a close to the story of Jean Luc Picard and his companions. I look forward to that too.

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