Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Looking Forward: Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections

This new poster captures the energy you want to see from a Matrix movie. I liked the sequels we got before. I am not sure they could ever have matched up the expectations generated by the first movie, but for me they delivered a believable ending that built from what went before (not necessarily a popular opinion, I know).

While some see this new movie as something of a chance to redeem the franchise, I see it instead as a chance for Lana Wachowski to recontextualise the notion of the Matrix within the present day. I am interested to see whether the revelation of the movie as a Trans-allegory has any perceivable effect on what we see on the screen.

People have complained that Lawrence Fishburne is not returning as Morpheus, but for a story moving forward that did resurrect characters like Neo, Trinity, Niobe and the Merovingian, one has to assume that the casting of Yahya Abdul-Mateen as Morpheus represents a significant shift in where we are and what the Matrix is.

Residual Self Image of the people in the Matrix could account for how people look. Is this mismatch of substance and surface part of the trans-allegory made more explicit in the form of Morpheus?

Blues and reds provide visual clues throughout the clips we have seen thus far. There seems to be an increased complexity in the systems of control, which makes sense in a world more than a few steps on from our visit to the world of Neo.

Is there something in this movie that suggests that despite the victory of Neo last time, that there is still work to do? That makes sense, doesn’t it? We’ve made forward strides in many areas , but the push against civil rights for all is front and centre again.

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