Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Film Hick: Finch (2021)


I liked this film. I got choked up by this film. Was this a groundbreaking movie? No. Did it do what it set out to do? I would say so, and by that criteria it was a success. The special effects were in service to the story and did not get in the way. There was cuteness there, and there were moments that came into poke a hole in the cuteness.

Honestly, what the hell is the point in sniping at a Tom Hanks movie for being a Tom Hanks movie? I think does push the envelope sometimes, but it is the edges of his own envelope. So what? I liked News Of The World and I liked this. I don’t think I’d put it up against something like the Turin House, but why would you?

I like Jeff, I like Dewey, and I like Finch. I like the touchstones it has that call to mind Silent Running, Short Circuit, Wall-E. I won’t say they’re unavoidable when you are making this kind of film. You get out what you put in. Did it hit me just right? Maybe. It works. Is it a masterpiece? No. But it is charming. Every aspect of it is charming.

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