Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Looking Forward: The Sandman

I am simultaneously looking forward to this and worried about it on a level that far outstrips how worried I was about The Dark Tower adaptation, and that turned out to be a huge steaming pile of dung.

I know a lot of people hate American Gods who read the book. Some of that always stems from it being something they fell in love with in one medium and the way it unpacks or is tweaked doesn’t agree with how they experienced it.

A couple of the bigger adaptations of recent years, such as Game Of Thrones, were things I saw without having read the books, so when the endings came I wasn’t so affected by the divergence from what was expected by readers.

To say that The Sandman is seminal seems like an understatement — it is a bedrock of the fantasy genre. One of the best graphic novel series ever, and there isn’t a bum note in the whole saga.

Neil Gaiman has a steady hand on the rudder apparently, and I think the casting, thus far, has been pretty exciting and spot on. We shall watch with baited breath.

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