Thursday, 11 August, 2022

Television Whitenoise: The Mandalorian

I like the pace at which this story unpacks. There have been points in the main movies where I have felt that too many disparate threads have led to parts of the story being truncated. I’m not a massive fan of finding out how a story really should have been in a Director’s Cut – it seems gimmicky and lazy.

Keep the story moving forward, and keep creating more questions, and you are going to keep people hooked. Baby Yoda cuteness provides an interesting counterpoint to the villainy in the story.

Stormtroopers still seem to be cannon fodder, and it would be nice to see them more efficient, given that they are the supposed backbone of The Empire and The First Order. A bunch of cool looking boobs in helmets gets a bit tiresome after 40 odd years. Has Palpatine been carrying all this dead weight on his back?

Any, easter eggs proliferate in a non-offensive way. Questions like why does he get called Mando, which sounds like Lando, pop up? And when the action comes it feels like the breaking of a swelling wave of tension.

I am not sure I needed to see The Seven Samurai reparsed through the Star Wars filter, but there was requisite cuteness and character building in there, and the introduction of a new person that could be a legitimate love interest and escape route rolled into one. But when have things ever gone smoothly in this universe?

The fact that it came out before The Rise Of Skywalker, and one of the Easter Eggs was a call back to Cloud City, where Lando sold out Han Solo, makes me wonder if some of what we are seeing here is significant in ways we don’t yet understand.

Jon Favreau launched the Marvel Shared Universe on screen with Iron Man, so is his choice to launch the first ongoing series of live action Star Wars, about a figure who conveniently doesn’t have a name, only a title significant? I can’t imagine that Disney is leaving anything up to chance.

Baby Yoda as he has been nicknamed can only be Yoda if there is some as yet undisclosed twist, so are we waiting for some major character from the movies to guest and clue us in on where this fits into the larger mythos? Do we see here the seeds of what is going to take us past the Skywalker saga? I am interested to see.

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