Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Television Whitenoise: Kidding

I was late to the show with Jim Carrey. The Truman Show, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, and Man On The Moon really were the first things of his that I watched and appreciated. The elastic faced comedy movies didn’t do much for me, but he has proved to be a great actor, and when I have watched him do an interview, that appreciation has deepened.

Revisiting the earlier stuff with a better appreciation of the dedication of the man, and his skill, and craft, has been rewarding.

As soon as I saw Kidding advertised  I was interested. Carrey and Gondry working together again. The Mr Rogers references are somewhat timely, but it is thankfully not something that is overplayed, and it is a great vehicle for exploring how the trappings of an image someone creates can turn into something they have to fight hard to shed later, when they, as an artist, want to evolve. I can see, after seeing interviews with Carrey, how this really is something on which he has a lot to say.

Each of the characters is well-drawn, and you get to see their interior life. How it all wraps up will be very interesting, and when a show navigates to the end of a first season with a strong cast and storyline, the idea of how the second season will unpack is always fascinating. Where might Kidding go?

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