Sunday, 03 July, 2022


I don’t know if it is just me, but this show comes across as kinda dumb pretending to be smart. There are some actors in here that are pretty good, but there is something a little flat about everything that really doesn’t hook you into the story or into liking the characters. The notion of informed characteristics really sings here – you keep getting told things about the characters, but you don’t see it in their actions of hear it in their speech. It feels as if it is drawn from a similar place as The Gifted, which seems overly self-conscious of itself, with everyone a little awkward about being in the show. I know I have read stories with The Inhumans that I liked, and the aspects of the characters which are handled in such a seemingly heavy-handed way here, seemed things that the stories played with and against. This show feels predictable. At this point I haven’t read about it, but could probably Google and see whether or not it was renewed, but on the strength of this season I wouldn’t expect it. It is strange for such a misstep, and such a hollow note in the Marvel Universe. The only thing which clanged quite so loud was Danny Rand over on Netflix, and that was interesting, even if the main actor seemed to lack the weight to carry the role. Some things run from the start, and some things hobble, and while the production values are high enough, like Iron Fist, what it lacks is soul.

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