Sunday, 03 July, 2022

It (2017)

The Dark Tower was pivotal, but I would happily claim It as one of, if not my favourite, book. The King fans that are my friends gave mixed reviews about this movie, but I actually like it. Is it the book? No – who could truly capture that densely packed behemoth of a book? Well I am sure there are some, and maybe this, with it’s second part, will round out the story to encompass the true scope of what It is. You see some of it – you do; you get some of the sense that Pennywise and the other things you see are masks that It is wearing It builds tension much more effectively than The Dark Tower movie, and I find myself compelled to see how they depict each iteration of the evil that lives in Derry. I like that it is in the dark, and that you can’t see everything, because when movies got so hooked on visual effects that they forgot that the physicality of a thing was less than half of what made it compelling, that was when they sacrificed the horror and the metaphysical dread for the literal. If The Dark Tower had figured this out we might have got less explanation and more story. It – a word so small it might be the most effective way to capture the immensity of the thing pushing through into Derry. Isn’t kind of interesting that it shares a cast member with Stranger Things, a story steeped in the atmosphere of the kind of stories King tells; invested with that same ability to tap into something beyond the literal – a place where love lives, and the fear of its going away lives too. I am actually looking forward to another instalment of this.

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