Wednesday, 10 August, 2022

Television Whitenoise: Star Trek Discovery

star trek discovery
I have to admit that I was more than a little skeptical about a series digging back further into the past rather than building on the platform of Star Trek: Next Generation, and moving forward, but I am enjoying this show. The main character through which we experience the world – Michael, is played by the excellent Sonequa Martin-Green, and gives us a little bit of a different perspective on Starfleet. The Klingon reboot is interesting, and I am going to have to dig into how or if there is any explanation of the implied Klingon evolution from one show to the next beyond make-up. I like also that the story is actually a story that follows from one episode to the next – the lack of consequences was always a hard thing for me to swallow in Star Trek, and the ever present quotient of red shirts to feed the need for casualties in conflict to provide some kind of verisimilitude, while all the main characters dodge bullets left right and centre, stripped away some of the dramatic tension, because you know that no one of any import was going to suffer. Discovery seems to be operating by a different play-book. I always loved the pseudo-science at play too … I think I developed my own love for jargon because of this show throughout the years. And wow, someone just dropped the F-Bomb, which was kind of weird. Anyway, it looks as if the Klingon war may be used as a vehicle to prod at what the problems of the Federation are, which is something we have seen more of in other shows and films, but which, right at the start of everything has a lot of change the way we view this whole universe. This makes for a very interesting set-up, one I am excited to follow up on.

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