Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Film Hick: Get Out (2017)

get out
To me it seems reductive to say that this was the best horror movie, or the best comedy movie – for me I watched it and I knew that this was the best and most impactful thing that I had seen all year.
When I read Kill All Normies it felt important, because it was revealing something to me, and laying bare the mechanisms at work in a particular corner of society, and this film felt that important.
It was kind of horrific to watch, and the comedy was definitely dark, but this film was way too real not to be taken seriously, and for an outsider that did not grow up with the same social mores as Americans, and with the same societal pressures shaping them, there are often things that escape my notice, or do not immediately occur to me until they are pointed out.
One has a duty to educate themselves about the society in which they live, and sometimes coming at it from the oblique angle that art affords you a unique perspective. Everyone should watch this film – both the cinematography and the story-telling and the acting, and the whole message of this film are brilliantly delivered. Of all the films I watched I believe this is the one masterpiece that I watched in the year.

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