Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Film Hick – The Circle

I really liked this movie; it rolled along nicely. I liked the way that it built from current social media in a believable evolution, with a corporate structure that seemed, and according I think to some stuff I read, to be based on Apple maybe. (Yeah, I could Google this shit, but I don’t want to). Now, this movie was paced so well, that I got from the beginning to the end, wanted more, and didn’t even realise I’d travelled that far. It would warrant a sequel, it could be further unpacked in a TV show. Tom Hanks is great if you want an affable front man to play it straight over something a little more sinister – of course, Hanks can do anything you need him to, but here it was context that made the persona he put on sinister. I love the trajectory of Emma Watson’s character, and it never felt forced. I definitely could have travelled further with them though, if they had wanted to explore more. After some more disappointing movies I have watched of late – this was a nice and easy thing to watch. I am going to have to check out the Dave Eggers book too.

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