Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Television Whitenoise: The Dresden Files

Dresden_images_downloads_desktop_cast_800 It’s so weird that there are all these shows out there that don’t make it past the first series when that first series seems really watchable, full of potential, and seem to be building towards something really interesting. This was a great idea – Harry Potter as a gumshoe, kind of … and that’s kind of how I can imagine it being pitched. Then just as the show starts to hit its stride, round the characters out, add more shading into the story, and start too build a world from which interesting story arcs might lead to an interestingly complex framework in which the show can grow – then it gets axed. I am not going to say this was a masterpiece, but how did it not survive? Did it really not attract a large enough audience? I hate that monetary considerations are also the driving force behind creativity being leashed or unleashed, but sure, you can see that the fiscal reality of the situation for a business is just that … make money or disappear. I understand the tv show doesn’t necessarily reflect much more than the spirit of the books, but it is definitely a good gateway drugged to get me hooked on the idea of Dresden’s world, and I definitely want to explore it anew in the pages of Jim Butcher’s novels.

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