Comicsphere: Particle Fiction

Described by it’s creator, David Wynne: “Particle Fiction is a monthly, 16 page, black and white webcomic – if that’s a difficult concept to get, just think of it as an indy comic book that just happens to be distributed primarily online rather than on paper (although I will also be selling paper versions at cons, and in the online shop which you can find in the sidebar to your left).” So, that’s the idea, and it’s a simple one. The comic itself comes on like the lovechild of Peter Milligan and Frank Miller. It’s short, punchy, and a fun read. You should check it out by clicking the above image – you won’t be disappointed.

One comment on “Comicsphere: Particle Fiction

C. Boylan

Haha, that was a fun read. I like how their layout allows for longer pieces of dialogue. Cheers for sharing the link with us.


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