Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

so, wassup?

so, it’s been a while since i did anything this site, and that is kind of criminal, because i have always enjoyed the remit of this acre of cyberspace. i have been busy with http://intoviews.wordpress.com/; i launched a general ramble blog called http://blogforblogssake.wordpress.com and today talking to myself launched so i can ask and answer questions of myself. http://shinestreet.wordpress.com/ finally went live with the prologue and i am a healthy way into the first installment with a better idea of the direction and the character of the story. http://twentytwentyhindsight.wordpress.com has its prologue up. yggdrasil routes will be online soon, as will 575 haiku. perhaps the most important achievement of the week was the launch of http://thereciprocalindependentsproject.wordpress.com/ which is part of my plan to help forge even better ties between the independent creative community. rush-on roulette, my e-book site, an arm of musehick publications goes live any day now. and i think musehick publications is going to require a site of it’s own too, aside from the facebook fan page. the catch-up republishing online of http://talesoftheknotlands.wordpress.com/ the home for the stories which started on the now apparently defunct loom is going well. yes, i have been busy. i think there is more. look to the links section to be updated asap.

One comment on “so, wassup?

C. Boylan

All together people, hang heads in shame at our comparative inactivity haha.
This is all cool news. Go go go.


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