Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

turn the page: where nothing is sacred vol. 1 by c. boylan

where nothing is sacred vol. 1
where nothing is sacred bol. 1
Click the image to go and buy the book I meant to hook everyone up with a link to my friend’s book and have been remiss in leaving it until now – go and check it out! She’s a great writer so please show some support.

It takes a wry look at the human condition and its surroundings, via a crafted blend of humour, compassion and imagery. This unique collection includes pieces on universal issues like politics, philosophy and mortality, as well as exploring some more diverse themes – try ‘Aptitude’ for a self-deprecating dig at intellect, ‘Scapegoat’ for an intense journey inside a potential paedophile’s conscience, and ‘Coventry in Bloom’ for a quick behind-the-scenes tour of the poet’s city.This writer’s bemused cynicism is something for all to relate to, and will hopefully induce readers to reflect upon contemporary society.”

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C. Boylan

Cheers for the support Paul.


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