Sunday, 03 July, 2022


farmtown I have always been bad for getting addicted to games – once I am in gaming mode I do not do anything; I become a zombie; a rather aggressive one who shouts at anything and everything. I am not good to be around when there is a game to be played whether it is a fighting game; a platform game; or a racing game. I try not to indulge anymore. Facebook has some things that occassionally crop up that are like crack and I have to delete them for fear of becoming totally involved in them – scrabulous was one, the stupid quizzes are another. So, along comes Farmtown – a low level Sim City type of game where you farm and hopefully prosper and move up the agricultural ladder, and I am hooked. It is, as my good lady wife says, Zen. And what am I mainly farming on there? Yes, you guessed it – coffee. Coffee is the most profitable crop and has helped me make my Farmtown fortune. Go check it out – it simple, kind of old school; and possible because of that extremely dangerous. I love it.

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