Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

Comicsphere: Freakangels Friday (Spoilers Included)

freakangels So, I haven’t written about Freakangels in a while – not since the start of the second book to be precise, and why is that? Well, I kind of wanted to just sit back and enjoy it and let it unfold and not feel pressured to come up with some soundbite about it every week. It hasn’t hit a wrong note in the entire series and I suppose that after a while superlative heaped upon superlative can start to sound like bullshit even if it’s the honest to god truth. So today hit me with a panel that made just want to raise a glass to Freakangels and Messrs. Duffield & Ellis. This kind of thing doesn’t happen often – ok, well it maybe happens a lot in the worlds of Ellis and a few others who if you read comics I don’t need to name – this kind of thing being a defining moment in a character’s arc (horrible word); a moment of tension; a release of tension; a real translation of the kinetic whallop of the frame’s content. Luke’s had his comeuppance before – but has it ever felt so righteous? If you consider the length of time that has actually been covered thus far in Freakangels then the nuancing in the storytelling seems even more amazing. Sure, Ellis has certain interests which appear as echoes throughout the different worlds that crowd his prolific output, but if you fail to see the unique fucking big-hearted soul that sings in Freakangels then you must have shit in your eyes, shit for brains, or you are just generally being a shit because you’re harbouring a grudge about some previous series that has stalled due to Mr Ellis’ insane scheduling – well double-fuck you numb nuts – if you don’t rate this series you know fuck all about comics; you understand diddly-squat about writing and you should cram your opinion up your arse where your head resides. And how to top a sword-wielding murderer? A freakangel abusing their powers and the ramifications of that – the future promises some scary fucking shit for a certain psychic shithead. Friday is always Freakangels even if I don’t talk about it – sorry I didn’t write to say I love you every week Internet Jesus; I will quickly round up some things to sacrifice and hope you will forgive me.

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