Monday, 23 May, 2022

Rebellious Jukebox: National Snack

national snack National Snack: Gem voice and 6 strings, Joe voice and 4 strings, Phil boom tappy bang bangs (click the image to go to their site) It sometimes takes me longer to get around to things than it should and then it all comes in a rush. Well, this post links to the previous entry via the personage of Joe Carlo who is the organiser behind Love Music Hate Racism and is also one third of an exciting new band called National Snack. So I got my arse in gear today and posted below for the very good cause of music against racism and then by and by I finally sat down and checked out the music from National Snack (7 Tracks which can be listened to on Facebook) and purchased from The first track I listened to, Mischief, had me thinking of Bloc Party, but then it was too early to jump one way or another on my assessment of them. They have a wonderful mash up of different elements going on, fusing, at times, abrasive guitars, a great sense of rhythm, interesting harmonies, a sense of humour and some great hooks. They manage to juggle all these elements and come out sounding cohesive, driven, and full of energy. They are a three piece with the flexibility of a much larger group and just off the back of one session of listening to them I am really looking forward to seeing what else they come up. The music made me feel really good and as soon as I have some spare moolah I am definitely going to invest in them and you should too.

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