Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

Film Hick – A Skin Too Few: The Days of Nick Drake (2000)

nick drake Directed by: Jeroen Berkvens. Running Time: 48 Mins. One can watch something sad and not be left with sadness as the abiding impression – that is how this film struck me. In the same way that Nick Drake’s music can be melancholy but can also lift you through its beauty, the impression that you get of the man behind the music is of someone who was loved by all those around him; someone who was immensely gifted, but, and this is often the case unfortunately, someone who was also greatly burdened. This is a very touching documentary and one that manages to avoid the pitfalls these things often fall into of being prurient, intrusive and crass. Nick’s death is dealt with with sadness but the main focus was his life and his music – his music has touched so many people and for such a short life it is a great legacy to have left the world. If you are a fan of Nick Drake then this is for you – if you are perhaps looking for an introduction to him then this is a goodd place to start.

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