Comicsphere: Invisible Inc by Brendan McGinley & Tomas Aira

invisible-inc With some stories it is the art that arrives with you first; with some it is the words – neither of these is a bad thing, they just speak of different techniques perhaps, but with Invisible Inc from Brendan McGinley and Tomas Aira they’ve hit their stride from the first page and created a great fusion of the two; a great opening salvo for their story. I think I’ve read in many places that there surely isn’t much more that you can do with a superhero story, but that cry seems to be as redundant as those signalling the death knell of the guitar riff. We have Warren Ellis and Brian Wood amongst others leading the pack with their innovative takes on the genre and judging from what I read here Invisible Inc more than gives them a run for their money. As well as being packed with ideas the story also has that vital lock on the reader — a tangible emotional core, one that gets you invested in the characters from the off. The language reminded me of the poetic storytelling of Jamie Delano, with that solid grounding in a well thought out skew on reality. It casts light on what is going on today and side-steps being heavy-handed in favour of making it a human and personal story. The way the scenes are lit and the way Aira makes the characters act is evocative and compelling. This comic really did charm the pants off me and having had such a great set-up one can’t wait to follow the arc through to a hopefully just as satisfying pay-off.

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interesant. excelent. open the door


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