Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Friday Freakangels Fun

Freakangels on full alert; well, most of them. I like that the gang are still maintaining their idiosyncratic paths in spite of the current threat to Whitechapel. Here we see the community working together; we see what the whole Freakangels set up is all about — or rather we are starting to see it. First blood has already been drawn in an earlier episode but the full battle is still just around the corner. Fridays are a huge surge of adrenaline for Ellis fans — whether it be the beauty of the world we have all embraced with Freakangels or the danger contained therein. And we still haven’t seen the true degree of peril that threatens people yet. We’re 22 weeks in now, or rather 22 episodes in, with a couple of interludes and a preview of the graphic novel covers, and thus far we have not had a week that has flagged. I also think that we have not had a week that has run on exactly the same energy either. Mr Ellis is running this like one of those Altman movies with a huge ensemble cast where everyone gets their turn in the spotlight. He is using deep focus photography to bring every single detail into singing harmony with the whole machinery of the narrative, the characters, the concept and his accomplice Mr Duffield stuns from panel to panel. To be able to take time to do both close-ups on the small no less important parts of life for a person in the Freakangels universe as well as the broad strokes that drive the story along is something that not only would a lot of people not bother with, but they are frankly incapable of. I always wonder if by the time the next week comes around I will have run out of praise for this series; run out of things to say — but that adrenaline surge messrs Ellis & Duffield provide me with sees to it that I could probably ramble on indefinitely. A great beautiful important piece of work.

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