Thursday, 11 August, 2022

Turn The Page: Bogwoppit by Ursula Moray Williams

Try talking about one of these strange little critters and people will look at you like you have a bloody screw loose but this remains in my mind as one of those great stories that kids get read. Apparently it was on Jackanory and that was probably where I became aware of it, but I remember getting it from the library and really enjoying it — it being a great yarn. It’s a real shame that it seems to be out of print now and perhaps out of fashion (but how can that be?). I think this book might at some point be one of those that gets rediscovered and might even get a film treatment — think of the possibilities; it’s cute and somewhat edgy, oh, and did I mention, it has a great story behind it?

3 comments on “Turn The Page: Bogwoppit by Ursula Moray Williams


This was the first book I read (I was 7) that made me realise the joy of reading.

I remember even placing it back on the shelf after I had read it and felt great. At random times I will recall this moment, usually when I learn something new.

The name just came to me, so I googled it and couldn’t find much into!

Did you scan that pic?


i think i found the image through the wiki and a link perhaps


Omg! I have been searching for this book for years and no one seems to know what I am going in about, it was my favourite as a child. I call my kids little Bogwoppits when they are being silly and have told them the story as best as I can remember it. It’s great to finally come across someone else who knows what a bogwoppit is.

Lena-maria 🙂


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