Sunday, 03 July, 2022

rebellious jukebox: the nymphs

the nymphs
the nymphs
i remember them sounding different to the other bands that came out at that time — they may have looked similar but their sound was the first thing i was aware off and their wasting my days ep became one of those records that i had to hunt down. when i got the full length album i was surprised not to be disappointed which shows where my head was at during that period regarding music. i recall that point in time as being trapped in retro pastiche and while the nymphs embodied some of the spirit of earlier bands and inger lorre recalled to mind people like grace slick they seemed born fully formed and they had an idea of who they were and where they were going. the album and the ep are both definitely worth checking out though the may not be that easy to track down.

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Great band. Thanks for the review.


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