Sunday, 03 July, 2022

comicsphere: freakangels friday fun

In one place someone settles in and in another place someone is unsettled. Sometimes it is hard to remember that each episode is only six pages long. To do what he does with those six pages every week shows just how on game Ellis; shows how on game Duffield is as well. At his recent appearance in Chicago Ellis gave the advice that a writer should know when to shut up and when to let the art carry a panel — this story from the start has been a real demonstration of that craft. Duffield never disappoints: if he was shooting film from Ellis’s scripts then he would be as acclaimed for his lighting of a shot as his framing of it. I don’t think anyone would be stupid enough to discount the amount of heart, head and skill that either of these men is bringing to this tale. Goddamn, I haven’t loved a story this much since I was dancing through time with The Invisibles and stomping through Transmetropolitan with Spider. Rock on Ellis and Duffield — you are the dog’s bollocks!

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Yes! Not that Freakangels is that much like either Invisibles or Transmet, but it’s good on as many levels and gives the same kind of joy and satisfaction reading it.


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