Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Call For Submissions

Prose Submission Poetry Submission Picture Submission We are currently seeking submissions for a magazine based around the concept that is at the heart of Writers, Prizefighters And Caffeine Inspired All Nighters. The Right Hook Editions will focus on poetry and the Southpaw Grammar Editions are going to be centred around various types of fiction. If you have art we could do with that too. At the moment, until we have got this off the ground there will unfortunately be no remuneration but we plan to remedy this as soon as possible. Please send any text files as an attachment in Rich Text Format or JPEG and BMP for images. If you could please attach a short biography with your submissions. A maximum of 3 poems and/or 3 prose pieces can be sent. When sending images bear in mind the size of the files — a link to an image hosted on a site may be preferable. All rights will be retained by respective authors and artists. Anyone who has books for review or wishes to be interviewed can contact me here Interviews

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