Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Comicsphere: Freakangels Friday Fun

Today was an important episode. It had that feeling. Alice has finally been installed as Kirk’s assistant on the watchtower and has been given some clue as to what she is looking for — though the sense that some information has been left out is palpable. We have more images of KK flying which you get the sense Ellis must demand with glee and Duffield must draw with an equal amount of excitement. And then we have Jack — just what is going to happen with Jack? It feels like there is some tension about to cut loose in this story. KK’s flight seemed more than just a nice nod back to the first episode,it played like a leitmotif in a very musical episode. An episode where the music you imagine swells within each scene. Everything is pretty much in place now that the first story arc was moving to set up, or at least the part where we get Alice in position; now we get to see what Ellis does with her. Next week is going to be very interesting.

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