Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Comicsphere: Friday For Freakangels

freakangels kk and kirk Today the main thing I think I noticed aside from the main thrust of the story was that the sky had darkened. Today was packed full of siblings acting like siblings — freakangels fighting in the way fox cubs fight. When KK is present the action ramps up, Connor is a calming influence, Alice makes things wobble slightly, Kirk shifts it between kineticism and stillness. Yeah, there are definitely very physical dynamics starting to become apparent in the story — dynamics that reflect underlying characteristics. There are some nice touches from Paul Duffield with the light in the glasses, his depiction of the action, and some of those wonderful facial expressions. There are some great comedy moments in this week too which you will have to find out by reading it — I really can’t spoil the pay off, and anyone who has read it will already know what I am talking about. Apparently this week we just topped out 100 pages too. If there are fans of Ellis who aren’t reading this yet then I can’t fathom it; if they aren’t appreciating the beats the man is dishing out then I don’t know what’s wrong with them. This thing is a piece of art.

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