Wednesday, 10 August, 2022

Comicsphere: Freakangels Friday

arkady Ellis once again working to confound the tendency that people have to pigeonhole characters or jump to conclusions about what sort of person they are or the role that they fulfill. Today we see that far from being the flighty delicate creature that some have mistaken her for, after her display of strength last week, Arkady proves that she is something of the glue in the world of the freakangels — we follow her as she spirits around the various places of Whitechapel that contain beauty and innocence, and one is left with the impression that some of the reason for it being there is that she knows how to look for it; how to make it so. In contrast we see further evidence of how Kirk, assumed initially to be the cool, relaxed one, may in fact be one of the most ruthless members of the Freakangels clan. We see that there may be some division in the group that extends merely beyond Mark and Luke, and the mystery of those remaining Freakangels is once again dangled before us. The art here is yet again wonderful. The synergy that exists between the narrative and the images used to tell the story meshes seamlessly. This is a living breathing world with three dimensional characters that positively sprint away from easy classification. It is a breath of fresh air every Friday. I seriously feel it in my gut that this story has the power to supplant Transmetropolitan as the work which Warren Ellis is best known for, and if this doesn’t raise Paul Duffield to the status of a household name then there is no justice in the world. When this story finally makes the leap from the internet to print there are going to be stampedes at the comic shops. If you aren’t already making an appointment with the Freakangels every week then where exactly have you been? Get your arse in gear and get over there

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