Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

Comicsphere: Witch Doctor By Brandon Seifert & Lukas Ketner

Witch Doctor This comic really grabs you from the first piece of art that you see until the last. Having been a part of Warren Ellis’s Whitechapel community since it’s launch I and others have been privileged to get an insight into the research that went into this story; the thoughtful way in which every aspect of the design of the characters and the universe in which they live has been crafted. Finding a new way to approach something like a vampire and managing to pull it off, both conceptually and visually, is a real achievement. Having seen some of the other aspects of the world which have not been folded into the story as yet fills you with anticipation, but even the reader coming to it with no previous knowledge is getting enough intimation of back-story to draw them in. The story hits all the right notes, checks all the boxes. You know that the unfolding of all the ideas and the journey that these characters are going to go on is going to be compelling — already we have an idea rich and aesthetically stimulating environment to walk around in. The intensity level is dialled up throughout, there is humour and you can sense the brains pulsating behind the whole thing. A truly intelligent comic that is great to look at — what more could you ask for? http://www.witchdoctorcomic.com/

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