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Comicsphere: Freakangels 8

freakangels 8 I think one of the things that I am enjoying most about the characters of the Freakangels is how we are allowed to see the way the main protagonists have been damaged by whatever event has taken place in the story. They occupy a special place within their community but they are definitely embedded in the culture. Ellis is always great at these little human touches that add such depth to the story — he did it with Spider in Transmetropolitan,  and he pulled it off with Lazarus Churchyard too — making what some might consider the most unlikely characters sympathetic. The world  seems fully formed and it is easy to dip into every Friday and I think most people are getting used to the rhythm now. It will be nice to have the graphic novel in my hands and be able to flip through the story in that medium but it is really working for me as it is at the moment, and I really hope Ellis and Duffield get to run with this for as long as possible. The long wait until next Friday has already commenced. —————- Now playing: The Fall – Surmount All Obstacles via FoxyTunes

One comment on “Comicsphere: Freakangels 8

In my opinion, this is the best book that Ellis is currently writing, and the best part is I don’t have to pay for it. On his White Chapel forum, Ellis announced today that there are plans for a GN version of Freak Angels.

All of his other current works are so/so at best, and complete rubbish at worst.

Doktor Sleepless was suppose to be his new Transmet, but it feels like he’s phoning it in. Desolation Jones is suppose to be returning this year, but I have yet to hear word of when, or if, it will finally comes back.


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