Wednesday, 10 August, 2022

tinternet: twitterholic twitter now has its own charts to tell you who the most read people on there are. warren ellis is in the top 100 and seems simultaneously pissed and happy about this. seems like the whole service might be ready to enter a transition phase andĀ  go overground. it’ll be interesting to see if this provokes an exodus or whether it will just cause a shift in the way people use it. presently i don’t know enough people on there to get much more involved than reading other people’s news and feeding my own in. it’s a useful tool but it is not going to remain the same entity for much longer i don’t think. could be wrong, but how long before it has a myspace style overhaul of the likes that siteĀ  underwent when murdoch bought it. oh well. may not stop it being useful. —————- Now playing: Eels – My Descent Into Madness via FoxyTunes

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