Sunday, 03 July, 2022

Magazine Graveyard: The Face

face It led the way in a lot of respects — taught people what a culture magazine could be and it taught with style. At one point The Face could have been considered a setter of trends, a creator of them, but there was some kind of imperceptible shift and suddenly it seemed to be running to catch up. I think that it fell victim to its own irony and sense of humour. Sometimes people can’t be bothered to cut through the tongue in cheek clever-cleverness and start to look elsewhere for a more instantaneous hit. ID shifted more towards the fashion market. Dazed and Confused, having forged it’s own market, swallowed up old Face readers too. Sleazenation burned bright as an alternative for a short period before changing into an even shorter-lived butterfly. The Face lost track of what it’s readers wanted and the slow fall off in circulation numbers suddenly rocketed. There was a change of editor, a change of owner and poof — a change in attitude that relegated it to yesterday. —————- Now playing: The Chemical Brothers – Galvanize ft. Q-Tip via FoxyTunes

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