Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

Freak Angels Friday: Sixth Instalment

freakangels¬†6 As should be the way, with each new character that is introduced a new layer is added to the story, and thanks to the pacing, the subtlety of which is truly starting to emerge after 6 episodes, each of the characters feels fully rounded and with enough alluded to backstory of a personal nature that you know getting to know the freakangels is going to be more than interesting. Sirkka is a great addition to the bunch and Connor is emerging as a really interesting possible hero. At the end of the day the whole webcomic thing would have been great as an idea, but if the story had fallen flat it would have come across as just a gimmick — thank god, that this in no way resembles that. I know that I, and people numbering into the tens of thousands are logging on as soon as 12pm gmt hits to get their weekly fix of this great story. It could go anywhere; there are enough suggestions to get you jogging up countless wrong paths yourself if you are so inclined. A fluid story which we dip into every week and come back with more than we expected every time. And a graphic novel has been announced too — very cool; may this run and run. —————- Now playing: Add N to (X) – Metal Fingers in My Body via FoxyTunes

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