Monday, 23 May, 2022

Film Hick: Bad Boy Bubby

bad boy bubby If you watch this film I can guarantee you that it is gonna stick with you — you will let that title roll off your tongue in a trilling victorious though damaged voice that those in the know will recognise: Bad Boy Bubby. Bubby has been locked up for thirty years by his mother who has told him that some kind of disaster has occurred outside that means the air is unbreathable. Not to give too much away but his experiments with a cat and cellophane are something to behold. From Bubby and his mother getting jiggy with it, to Bubby the rock star, this strangely touching story will still disturb the shit out of you. I can’t recommend it enough but don’t blame me for any side-effects. —————- Now playing: Death in Vegas – All That Glitters via FoxyTunes

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