Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

Culture Vulture: The 27 Club

27 club Jimi, Jim, Janice, Brian Jones and Kurt Cobain — all members of the 27 club. At one point it was an idiotic belief that I’d be joining them: thank god that didn’t work out. I can sing but I don’t have the rock star chops — maybe rock star poet, to a degree. What does the world think of when it thinks of these people? — it thinks of what is lost. Who the hell would want to be part of that group? Sure, they had great creativity while they were alive but that wasn’t long enough and all of them died in pretty needless ways. They have some glamour but I am sure the death scenes were pretty off-putting. Better to carry on being creative than end up as a pretty corpse. —————- Now playing: Blind Melon – Toes Across The Floor via FoxyTunes

One comment on “Culture Vulture: The 27 Club

I agree that it’s better to stay creative than live fast and die young. That being said, it’s a pretty strange series of coincidences that 35 musicians, most of whom have left influential music behind, died at that eponymous age. We can like it or not, but musicians who offer strong ideals and then die young are easy to fall for.


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