Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

Rebellious Jukebox: Dogs D’Amour

dogs d’amour I used to swap mixtapes with people — or sometimes I would give them a tape with two different albums — one each side; back before CD’s led to bloated epics that laughed at the idea of being 45 minutes long. One of these tapes that I got had The Quireboys on one side and on the other side was the Dogs D’Amour and I fell in love with it instantly. They were and still are one of those groups that people either know about or they don’t — they have rabid fans. They used to get on the cover of Kerrang and Raw back when they were real rock magazines. Tyla has so much gravel in his voice it sounds like he gargles whiskey while chainsmoking every hour of the day. The lyrics are pure fucking poetry and bathed in such reality and truth that the authenticity of the group was always something that kept me riveted. I actually managed to get hold of the dropped title track, Errol Flynn on a flexidisc and it was of as high quality as the rest of their work. It is a shame that most people only know them for How Come It Never Rains? because it wasn’t their best song by any means. I think for me it has to be Goddess From The Gutter or Princess Valium, both masterpieces (I don’t care what you say). It’s a crime that the early records are so hard to get hold of when you consider some of the shit that floats around the higher echelons of the charts, but I suppose that is the way of the world. Dogs D’amour: what’s not to love? —————- Now playing: The Dogs D’Amour – Ooohh! Baby Glass… via FoxyTunes

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i love tyla ,have now for over 20 years,, just havent been lucky enough to meet him yet,, my time will come sooner or later,, hes a wonder man and a great talent,, check out his myspace ,,, tyla and the dogs,, or tylas art tavern,, great ,,


marybeth norwich


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