Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

Television Whitenoise: Battle Of The Planets

battle of the planets A bit of research into this show demonstrates how many times the poor bloody show was chopped to bits and re-assembled into some Frankenstein’s  Monster version of the Japanese original. It was a groundbreaker though and the fact that it persists as a fond memory, and beyond that survives as an actual viable product is testament to the concept. It was and is as cool as fuck. Even the gay robot 7Zark7 with that stupid fucking flying dog can’t ruin it — even the fact that the leader of the group is voiced by Casey Kasem can’t ruin it. I had it in two versions on DVD — one as G Force, where they had no robots sandwiched in-between and it was easier to watch, then the Box Set with aforementioned robots and it does affect it — you sit there asking yourself why the fuck you would take the equivalent of a perfectly good hot dog and then serve it up with a dog turd on top? I never saw the recast Eagle Riders or the rebooted version that apparently took it back closer to the original but I am  looking forward to the forthcoming movie that is slated for 2009. Hopefully there is one childhood memory that can’t be arse-raped with a barbed wire dildo in quite the same way as that chinless wonder George Lucas did with Star Wars. —————- Now playing: Fatima Mansions – Ray of Hope, Hoe of Rape via FoxyTunes

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