Rebellious Jukebox: Fatima Mansions

fatima mansions A vehicle for Cathal Coughlan’s intelligence driven bile — the Fatima Mansions could shift from smooth voiced crooning to a visceral car-crash of noise at the drop of a hat. They deserved to be much bigger than they ever were — their biggest glimpse of success being as part of a double a-side with The Manic Street Preachers ‘Suicide Is Painless’ with Cathal’s band contributing a distinctly strange yet far more palatable version of Bryan Adam’s ‘Everything I Do, I do It For You’ (a song in the original version capable of inducing unprecedented amounts of spontaneous projectile vomiting). Against Nature, Bertie’s Brochures, Valhalla Avenue and Lost In The Former West all drip with satire, reframing the social backdrop Coughlan was writing against into a place populated by grotesques from real life, puncturing it all with more wit than most rock stars muster over a whole career. —————- Now playing: Fatima Mansions – Evil Man via FoxyTunes

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