Thursday, 11 August, 2022

Television Whitenoise: luna

luna It’s odd how some things just stick in your head and you don’t have to see them that many times. Most British television, at least sci-fi orientated shows in the 1980s is pretty much typified by bad special effects and great ideas. This show is no exception — the whole world seems really well thought out, from the language technotalk, the fact that people in the Efficiecity are grown artificially and have batch days instead of birthdays, the family units are constructed just as artificially and placed in the Habivirons. I suppose looking at it now itwould probably seem somewhat flat, as a lot of childhood memories do when they are resurrected in reality, but this something I have fond memories of and regardless of any actual crapness in production, idea-wise it was fertile and fed into my life in a good way. —————- Now playing: Tricky – Pumpkin via FoxyTunes

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